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          Welcome to Maoming Hongye Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. website!

          HOT TEL:0668- 7303906  English | 中文

          Company Profile

          Maoming Hongye Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

                 Maoming Hongye Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in Huazhou city, which was located in south-west of Guangdong Province in February 2012. Its registered capital is RMB 80,000,000 with a total investment of RMB 120,0...

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          Our advantage


          Our products supply chains from fish fry, farming, feed and processing are complying with BAP standards and all steps obtained BAP certificates.

          Process equipment

          The company occupies an area of 80 acres, a building area of 13,943 square meters, 5 independent production lines, the introduction of the world's advanced aquatic product processing equipment, has a fish breeding base of more than 20,000 acres, forming a complete "breeding-processing-sales -" The industrial chain has strong market competitiveness.


          The company's main products are: deep and shallow skinless tilapia fillets, skinned fish fillets, frozen tilapia, frozen second tilapia, breaded fish, seasoned fish, fish jaws, fish belly, etc.

          Certified product

          All products are processed and quality controlled in accordance with my country's "Food Safety Law", export food hygiene requirements, U.S. FDA aquatic products 123 regulations and EU 852/853/854 directives (2004) and other relevant regulations

          News center

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